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After over a decade of research and development, Lineriders’ pioneering in the use of tracer gas leak detection technologies has quickly launched our company to the world stage. The use of helium, ultrasonic instruments, & infrared optical gas imaging (OGI) allows us to achieve world class inspections at the Commissioning/Start-up (CSU) or Turnaround (TAR) phase of any pressurized system. Leveraging advancements in OGI, Lineriders has developed a cost saving leak detection solution that has proven to put projects ahead of schedule without compromising results.

  • Local Hiring

  • Unique Patented Tracer Gas Saves Significant Time & Money

  • Cost Savings Make Lineriders Involvement Desirable – Even Overseas

  • Patented Tracer Gas & Helium Tracer Gas Options

  • Provides Highest Levels Of Protection For Workers, The Facility, & The Environment




  • Critical Leak Inspections For New Facilities And Post-Turnaround Start-Ups

  • Technical Helium Inspections

  • Meets Or Exceeds Highest Standards Set By Engineering

  • 75+ Year Proven Track Record As A Tracer Gas


If your engineering team prescribes the use of Helium, Lineriders delivers world-class inspections. Helium inspections are conducted by comingling Helium into Nitrogen, or in some cases, compressed air. Too often, little attention is paid to this critical step and as a result, the gases are not mixed properly. We have our own process for ensuring that “slugging” of gases does not occur. Our methodologies ensure a perfect homogenous mixture.

Our Helium inspections are much more than “box checking”. Done properly, this leak testing can generate stakeholder value by ensuring the asset is leak free and repairs are made before the contractors have left site. This allows for the highest level of quality assurance by protecting the workers on site, the public at large, the environment, and the asset.


Advanced Proprietary Process

  • Critical Leak Inspections For New Facilities And Post-Turnaround Start-Ups

  • Patented Carbon-Based Tracer Gas With Nitrogen As The Carrier Gas, Imaged With OGI Cameras

  • Meets Or Exceeds Highest Standards Set By Engineering

  • 80% Faster Than Helium Inspections With 1/10 The Personnel

  • Reduced Time, Cost, And Personnel Exposure On Projects

  • Proven Safe & Effective – Developed In Sour (H2S) Gas Fields

  • Conforms To ISO 10156 & ASTM E-681-01 Standards For Non-Combustibility


We have developed a proprietary process that uses low cost carbon-based gases (CO2, Methane) as a tracer gas in Nitrogen, which is then imaged with infrared. The Lineriders Solution is non-flammable, non-toxic, and takes 1/5 the time of a Helium inspection. The process is less labor-intensive, just as effective, and adds another layer of safety. As the adage says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Save Time & Money

Our process can put projects ahead of, or back on schedule without compromising quality or safety. The Lineriders Solution allows for purging and pressure testing simultaneously. Due to the mixture’s inertness, we can forego the de-oxygenation stage. Save time and money by writing this into your procedures early on.

We pride ourselves on conducting the most technologically advanced inspections in the world. This assures facilities go into production leak-free. Our proactive approach ensures all leaks are identified before construction personnel has left.

Delivering our mixtures, or creating them onsite allows us to apply our proprietary tracer gas process on any size project anywhere in the world.

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