Exciting news! We successfully deployed Lineriders’ innovative leak detection technology for a Post-Turnaround inspection, and the results were outstanding. During the inspections, our skilled crews identified a critical pin hole leak in a corroded pipe concealed under insulation. This pipe under normal operating conditions carried a highly dangerous 4% sour gas, posing an imminent threat to personnel safety. Thanks to our cutting-edge process and Lineriders’ advanced tracer gas technology, we swiftly detected and mitigated this potential catastrophe.

By replacing traditional helium-based methods with Lineriders’ engineered methane and nitrogen mixture as a tracer gas, we achieved enhanced visibility using optical gas imaging cameras. This eliminated the need for labor-intensive taping and sniffing, streamlining the inspection process and ensuring accurate results. Moreover, we conducted leak inspections within safe and non-flammable methane concentration limits, prioritizing safety while effectively detecting leaks.

Our commitment extends beyond safety alone. By utilizing Lineriders’ technology, we actively contribute to long-term climate mitigation efforts. Our sustainable approach aligns with the industry’s pursuit of efficiency and environmental responsibility, making a positive impact on greenhouse gas reduction.

Join us in embracing innovation and sustainable practices in leak detection for a safer and greener future.