Advanced Proprietary Processes

We developed a proprietary process that uses carbon-based gases (CO, CO2, Methane) as a tracer gas in Nitrogen that is non-flammable and is imaged with infrared.

Previous to 2009, the only leak detection methodology that was widely accepted was to purge and pressure with a helium mixture and sample every connection in the facility. Although helium leak detection has been the gold standard for decades it is not immune to problems.

The cost of helium has become prohibitive. Helium/Nitrogen is an invisible gas mixture and can not be imaged. Taping and sampling connections is time-consuming and labour intensive.

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Lineriders attempted to solve these problems by leveraging the relatively new technology of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI). We asked ourselves if it would be possible to combine Nitrogen and Methane into a non-flammable mixture that could still be imaged.

After years of engineering, our mixture was put to the test, first in lab trials and then field trials. We put it to market in 2015 and have used it extensively around the world.