Fugitive Emission Management

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Carbon Pricing is Here: Achieve Your ESG Goals with Lineriders

  • Advanced Emission Management Programs
  • Adapt to the new carbon tax landscape.
  • Focused on reducing emissions and meeting ESG objectives.

Advanced Leak Detection Technology

  • Equipped with optical gas imaging cameras.
  • Efficiently identify leaks in pipelines and facilities.
  • Capable of single leak detection and comprehensive inspections.

Rigorous Inspection Standards

  • Adhere to EPA’s Method 21, OGMP 2.0, and AER’s Directive 060.
  • Ensure compliance with stringent environmental and methane emission standards.

Adapting to the US Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan

  • Preparing for changes in leak identification and repair processes.
  • Aims to significantly cut domestic pollution.

Efficient Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Programs

  • Prevent unnecessary repeat visits.
  • Tradespersons identify and repair leaks on-site, ensuring immediate confirmation.
  • Translates to cost savings and operational efficiency.

We only use the newest gas detection cameras on the market. Crews are typically deployed with 2 cameras and 2 qualified and seasoned technicians.

Each crew utilizes 2 separate Laser Methane Detection instruments with accuracy as low as 0.1ppm. Our handheld units are right out of science fiction as they can “shoot” a laser at an area of concern from 30 meters away and determine the gas concentrations.

Some air, steam, or gas leaks can’t be identified any other way other than by listening for the leak with specialized instruments. In addition to leaks that come to the atmosphere, we have instruments that can hear internal leaks where PSV’s allow product to go to flare.

Crews are equipped with instruments and software that accurately measure every emission source, no matter the size.

Compressors are a significant contributor to Green House Gases, and accurate measurements and monitoring is a must. We are equipped with the most advanced equipment with unparalleled accuracy to +/- 2%. Click here for sample.

Industry leading solutions and guidance in respect to accurate and effective tank vent measurements.

Product loss from passing flare valves and leaking PSV’s are a significant source of lost revenue. These are among the largest, unreported, and ignored emission sources in the industry. Ultrasonic technology allows for monitoring and quantification of these losses.

Pipeline leak detection is part of our historical roots. No matter where you are, or the product you carry, we guarantee we will identify your leak. Using a combination of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI), laser methane detection equipment and our proprietary tracer gas system there is no leak that we have been unable to find. Our expertise has helped clients on multiple continents and countries identify and repair their leaking underground pipelines. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Our software platform allows us to automate the collection, distribution, and analysis of fugitive emission data. By capturing the data, creating a serialized inspection report, and tagging system, we pave the way for your regulatory compliance.

This provides a window into an accurate financial analysis.

Emission Friendly Gas Plant

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