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Advanced Proprietary Process

  • Helium Replacement

  • Critical Leak Inspections For New Facilities And Post-Turnaround Start-Ups

  • Patented Carbon-Based Tracer Gas With Nitrogen As The Carrier Gas, Imaged With OGI Cameras

  • 80% Faster With 1/10 The Personnel

  • Reduced Time, Cost, And Personnel Exposure On Projects

  • Proven Safe & Effective – Developed In Sour (H2S) Gas Fields

  • Conforms To ISO 10156 & ASTM E-681-01 Standards For Non-Combustibility


We’ve developed a proprietary process that is the only Helium replacement for leak inspections! Our process uses low cost carbon-based gases (Methane) as a tracer gas in Nitrogen that is non-flammable, non-toxic, and can be imaged with infrared. Our process can put projects ahead of, or back on schedule without compromising quality or safety. The Lineriders Solution allows for purging and pressure testing simultaneously. Due to the mixture’s inertness, we can forego the de-oxygenation stage. We can collaborate with procedure writers to ensure smooth commissioning activities.

The Story

Previous to 2009, there was only one acceptable leak detection methodology. This was to purge and pressure the system with a Helium mixture and sample every connection in the facility. Although Helium leak detection has been the gold standard for decades, it is not immune to problems.

OGI cameras can not see Helium or Nitrogen. As well as the cost of Helium becoming prohibitive, taping and sampling connections is time-consuming and labour intensive.

Lineriders attempted to solve these problems by leveraging the relatively new technology of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI). We asked ourselves, “could we create a non-flammable, non-toxic mixture that could be seen with OGI cameras?”. Methane and Nitrogen became the mixture of choice due to the atomic mass of Methane (CH4).

After years of development, our mixture was put to the test. Field trials were completed in the sour gas fields of  Alberta, Canada. Due to the nature of H2S, engineering requirements for tightness testing are among the most stringent in the world. We put it to market in 2015 and have used it extensively around the globe.

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