Ultrasonic Quantification

There are different manufacturers that compete in this space. Fluke has the ii900 Acoustic Imaging Camera that we deploy for quantification of noble gases or air compressor loss. The software is also capable of calculating hydrocarbon loss. These instruments operate at frequency ranges inaudible to human hearing. Fluke’s ii900 can detect leaks and visually represent them on the screen. Through advanced algorithms and proprietary software, the instrument is able to calculate a leak rate.

Not all leaks go directly to atmosphere. Passing valves can account for a large percentage of product loss. There are ultrasonic detectors that can calculate losses from PSVs or other passing valves. The MIDAS Meter is purpose built for this task. The MIDAS Meter uses proprietary software to determine if leaks are occurring internally, even with vibrations and noisy processes nearby. These can be deployed during final commissioning for baseline readings, or during operation for detailed troubleshooting. Passing PSVs are very expensive, and the savings can be realized immediately upon repair. We deploy these instruments for troubleshooting, commissioning, and Fugitive Emission Management Programs.