Compressor building

When Precision Meets Safety

In the intricate and high-stakes realm of the oil and gas industry, regular inspections are paramount. The smallest of leaks can lead to environmental hazards, operational disruptions, and significant safety concerns. At Lineriders, we’ve cultivated a reputation for meticulous inspections, and our recent undertaking at an acid gas compressor building further exemplifies our commitment.

The Task at Hand

The mission was clear yet challenging: inspect an acid gas compressor for a potential leak inside the building. Such compressors are integral to operations, ensuring that impurities are effectively separated. A leak, particularly of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) — a dangerous and foul-smelling gas — can spell danger.

The Inspection Process

Our team approached the task with diligence, covering every inch of the compressor’s interior. After a thorough examination, we concluded that the compressor’s interior was free of leaks, which was a reassuring discovery.

However, the job wasn’t over. Expanding our inspection scope, we scoured the exterior surroundings. That’s when we identified a leak perilously close to a building vent. It became immediately evident that this exterior leak was the culprit. The H2S from this leak was being channeled into the building through the vent, setting off the installed leak detection instruments.

Safety First

Understanding the inherent risks of H2S exposure, our team didn’t leave anything to chance. The entire area was promptly cordoned off to ensure no unauthorized or unprotected personnel ventured close. Moreover, every individual involved in the inspection and subsequent repair process was equipped with breathing air apparatus. At Lineriders, the safety of our team and the integrity of the facilities we inspect always take precedence.


This experience served as a potent reminder of the unpredictable nature of our industry and the absolute necessity for thoroughness in inspections. While the interior of the compressor was leak-free, it was the external vulnerability that posed the real threat.

At Lineriders, we take pride in our attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to safety. Whether it’s an interior or exterior challenge, we remain steadfast in our promise to identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations for all our clients.